About Us

The vision of Bodhi Tree Spa is based upon a very old and sacred Fig Tree located in India, under which the spiritual teacher and leader, Buddha, achieved enlightenment.

Bodhi Tree Spa is a place to experience peaceful ambiance, promote reflection and tranquility. The facility is beautifully furnished with antiques to capture the magic of Indo-china.

Discover natural ingredients and immerse yourself in impeccable and customized treatments by knowledgeable and professional staff using indigenous plant and flower essences and practices from around the world.  Savor the essence of Asia’s rich culture while relaxing in our open air hot pool with the surroundings of a beautiful zen garden.  The spa features 2 couple’s rooms for those who would like to enjoy a service together.  Our Eco-conscious spa will provide nurturing care for those looking to escape and leave the world behind. You will certainly desire to come back.