An unforgettable shared experience for two.  Our spa packages are designed and paired with some of our most popular spa treatments combined for the ultimate experience for two.  Whatever the occasion or simply to indulge as couples, mother/daughter, or best friends, our spa packages are a complete way to soothe the mind, body and soul.

**Please note that all spa packages are based on double occupancy and must be booked in the same room**  

Sweet Serenade

60 Min Bodhi Aromatherapy Massage
60 Min Botanical Facial
60 Min Lotus Pedicure

(allow approximately  3.5 hours) – $290/per person


Perfect Balance

60 Min Bodhi Aromatherapy Massage
45 Min Manicure
60 Min Lotus Pedicure

(allow approximately  3.5 hours) – $238/per person

Spice of Life

30 Min Indian Head Massage (Champissage)

This ancient art of massage to the head, neck and face will open energy channels and rid body of toxins that often cause stress, headaches and hair loss.  Chakra balancing is also integrated to re-align energy and restore harmony to the whole body, leaving the feeling of rejuvenation and mental alertness.

90 Min Thai Stem Massage

A Traditional massage used in Thailand since ancient times. A soothing blend of 20 herbs including plai, ginger, tumeric and cumin are wrapped in unbleached cotton that are then moistened, steamed and applied directly on the body. The healing oils and resins of the herbs are absorbed into the blood stream through the epidermis which react to the body chemistry in a gentle way to detoxify. The treatment incorporates the elements of lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, lomi-lomi, and stretching techniques which will increase circulation and help release tension in tight muscles. This Thai Stem Massage is the ultimate experience of deep relaxation and muscle relief.

(The Thai Stem massage consists of stretches that require moderate flexibility, and are not recommended for any guests who are experiencing any form of limited mobility.  Any limitations will be taken into consideration, and the treatment may otherwise be adjusted to suit your needs, or an alternative massage may also be recommended during consultation.   Contraindications include pregnancy, nursing, high blood pressure, highly sensitive skin, limited mobility, and any areas within 48 hours of hair removal).

(allow approximately  2.5 hours) – $235/per person