Spa Packages 

For Two  
Share an unforgettable spa experience with a loved one, or a best friend.  Our packages are built to help you reach your most relaxed state of being.  

All spa packages are based on double occupancy (2 guests) booking together. 

Unfortunately we are unable to book packages for single bookings.  Please be mindful,  we only allow minor substitutions on some treatments (subject to regular full pricing)

Sweet Serenade 
60 min ~ Bodhi Signature Massage

60 min ~ Tulasara Facial  

60 min ~ Lotus Pedicure 

$317/Per Guest

Please allow 3.5-4hrs for this package

Our most popular spa package, a shared experience like no other.  With treatments focusing from head to toe, you will leave feeling well rested and renewed.

*We recommend all our guests to arrive with natural nails.  If you require the removal of any 'Shellac' gel polish, please mention at the time of booking ($20.00 charge).  

This is to ensure the removal time does not hinder with the full treatment time.  Unfortunately we DO NOT remove any artificial gel/acrylic nails

Perfect Balance
60 min ~ Tulasara Facial

45 min ~ Lotus Manicure 

60 min ~ Lotus Pedicure 

$255/Per Guest

Please allow 3-3.5hrs for this package

Perfect for those special occasions you want to impress.  With glowing skin, and perfect nails, who wouldn't feel at their absolute best.  

A package that's also perfect year round for those months that leave us feeling dull and drained.  Refresh your look and feel renewed, a "Perfect Balance" says it all!

Should you need an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist), and require a receipt for insurance purposes, or have a gender preference for your therapist.  

Please inform the receptionist at the time of booking.  In the event no preference is made, you will be booked with the first available therapist.

As we are not aware of exact policies in each individual insurance company, Bodhi Tree Spa will not be held liable for any denied claims.

Spice of Life
30 min ~ Indian Head Massage

90 min ~ Thai Stem Massage

$255/Per Guest

Please allow 2.5hrs for this package

*The Thai Stem massage consists of stretches that require moderate flexibility, and are not recommended for any guests who are experiencing any form of limited mobility. Any limitations will be taken into consideration, and the treatment may otherwise be adjusted to suit your needs, or an alternative massage may also be recommended during the consultation.  


Contraindications include pregnancy, nursing, high blood pressure, highly sensitive skin, and any areas within 48 hours of hair removal*

Experience two traditional spa treatments unique in their own ways.  

Start with a traditional Indian Head Massage. Choreographed and designed to address tension in the upper shoulders, neck, and head.

Feel utmost relaxation, with a traditional Thai massage, practised since ancient times.

Thai stretches are used to open your energy channels and help aid any tight muscles.  Unbleached cotton stems using a soothing blend of 20 herbs including plai, ginger, tumeric and cumin are then soaked, steamed and applied directly on the body to massage.

The healing oils and resins of the herbs are absorbed into the blood stream through the epidermis, which react to the body chemistry in a gentle yet effective way to detoxify.  

An experience that will make you feel as though you've escaped to the lush tropics of Asia.