Spa Policies & Guidelines

Due to the ever increasing risk of both Influenza and COVID -19, and the infection control associated with both.  We have put into place a 'New Preventative Sick Policy' at Bodhi Tree Spa.  It is important that you understand, these new policies were put into place to protect the health and wellness of both guests, as well as our staff and future visitors.

If you are visiting, please let us know if you have travelled outside of Canada within the past 4 weeks. You may be required to divulge information if you have travelled to specific counties of concern via 

(Grand Princess Cruise Ship / Iran / Italy / China)

To ensure the highest standard of care, and to ease your concerns.  We have always practised the highest cleaning & disinfecting protocols.  However, please be reassured we have also heightened precautionary measures.  This includes:  

~ Increased frequency in disinfecting areas of personal contact.

~ Re-usable personal cups/mugs will no longer be allowed in the spa.  As much as we strive to stand by our environmental commitments, we ask that all guests use a fresh glass for each beverage when enjoying any of our complimentary beverages in the lounge.

~ Testers of any product will no longer be available for use at the spa.  This is to prevent the cross contamination between use of products.

~ New 'Preventative Sick Policy' (please see details below) to prevent any guests, and or staff with illness to risk infecting others. 

~ Please be reassured that Bodhi Tree Spa has always practised the highest standard of cleaning & disinfecting protocols.  We use medical grade disinfectants, sterilizers, and follow all protocols required by Health Canada.  All linens are washed after every use, and never reused before they are thoroughly cleaned.  



~If you are sick or show signs of any illness, we kindly ask that you stay at home.  We reserve the right to respectfully refuse any service to those that arrive showing even the mildest of symptoms.  

We have also placed a 'Sick Policy' within our employees to respect those same preventative measures towards our guests.  We kindly ask that you please be understanding, especially in this time of uprising concerns that we are taking zero risks.  Although we will do everything we can to get another therapist to cover, should an employee fall ill, we may not always be able to fulfill your appointments.

*We reserve the right to respectfully refuse any service to those that arrive showing any symptoms, or have travelled outside of Canada to countries of concern within the past 14 days (Grand Princess Cruise Ship / Iran /  Italy / China).  You may be required to divulge information if you have travelled outside of Canada.

For more information regarding the precautionary measures towards infectious disease control, and travel related information:  CLICK HERE

~ Bodhi Tree Spa has also restricted travel within our employees at this time, and have asked everyone to postpone any travel outside or within Canada until further notice.  We will continue to monitor the severity of this outbreak and adjust our policies as needed.  Thank you for your patience, and continuing to put your trust in us to provide you with the best possible care. 


                                                                               -The Team at Bodhi Tree Spa  

Spa Policies


  • Please arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time to ensure your full experience of the treatment booked.   Unfortunately no matter how late you arrive, your treatment will conclude at the scheduled time, and full charges will apply. This is necessary to ensure that the next guests appointment is not affected.  If arriving late, your treatment will be customized to accommodate the remaining time.

  • Our spa amenities include a steam room and coed spa lounge serving organic Aveda comfort tea.  Our steam room is complimentary to those guests having a minimum 1 hr. Massage  Facial  or Body Treatment.  We recommend arriving a minimum of 30-40 minutes prior to the start of your treatment to enjoy the full benefits of a steam.   Our facilities are co-ed so please remember your bathing suit.  

  • Please be mindful of noise upon arriving at the spa.  Our environment is of a tranquil setting, and guests will be enjoying treatments in nearby rooms.  Please keep your voices to a minimum when talking in our common spa space, and turn off all electronic devices to avoid disturbing other guests


The spa is an environment of peace and tranquility.  Therefore we kindly request that you do not bring children to the spa. 
In order to ensure a tranquil environment to all guests please be mindful of the following spa etiquette:


  • Please inform us of any major health conditions at the time of booking.  This includes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, pregnancy, physical limitations, and any other health contraindications that may pertain to your spa treatment.  If there are any contraindications that may conflict with or affect the treatment booked, an alternative service will be recommended and/or the service will be customized to ensure the health and safety of both client and practitioner.


Our spa is unique, and treatments are customized for a one on one experience, designed specifically for your needs.  
Treatment rooms, and therapist times are reserved especially for you!  
Please respect our policies, and be mindful that in order to guarantee your bookings with us, we require the following:
  • All bookings must be guaranteed with a valid credit card number and expiry date, or a gift certificate number.

  • We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for single services, and 48-72 hours for multiple services and/or packages.  This includes any modifications to treatments and/or cancellations to avoid a 50% service charge to the credit card number given at the time of booking.

  • For group bookings of 5 or more guests, we require a minimum of 5 days notice for any modifications on services or cancellations to avoid a 50% service charge to the credit card number given at the time of booking. 

It is important to us that our guests understand when we charge 50% for the policy stated above, is to compensate in part the service providers who have lost income due to untimely cancellations.


Gratuities are customary and greatly appreciated!

 An average of 15% - 20% is common for exemplary service.




If you are using a Gift Certificate to pay for your spa visit, it MUST be presented at the time of

payment.  Unfortunately if you have forgotten or misplaced the Gift Certificate, an alternative

form of payment must be made, and your Gift Certificate will remain valid for a future visit.



We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cash and Gift Certificates

Prices and services are subject to change without notice.

1818 Mountain Avenue

Canmore, AB

T1W 3M3

Tel: 403.609.7288

  • As a courtesy to our other guests, we respectfully request that you refrain from bringing any large outside food items or alcohol to the spa.  We understand that some of our spa packages may take up to 5 hours to experience, and most guests will need to replenish their energy at some point during the day.  A light snack is acceptable and may be consumed in between appointments if necessary. Please however be considerate of any strong smells and allergy common foods (no nuts, hot food, etc).  Should you need an adequate meal between your spa package, please inform us of any health concerns related to the request of a break between your spa treatments.  We are happy to book a break in between your spa package for you, should you wish to go and enjoy a full lunch outside the spa.  Please note that Wild Orchid Bistro located in the hotel is only open for dinner.


  • Please refrain from any conversations on your cell phones, and turn off any electronic devices to avoid disrupting any treatments being enjoyed nearby.


  • For group bookings, and groups celebrating speciation occasions, we understand your visit to the spa may be of a social nature.  Please keep in mind that other guests who are not part of your social gathering are here to escape to a tranquil environment.  Therefore, we kindly ask that you keep your voices to a minimum as sound easily travels through the spa. 

  • Our treatments are designed for adults and not conducive to childrenGuests must be 16 years or older to experience spa treatments.  Guests between the ages of 16-18 must be accompanied by an adult to sign for consent of a minor.


  • Alcohol is NOT permitted in the spa.  Unfortunately we are not licensed to allow guests to have liquor in the spa. 


It is important to refrain from drinking alcohol before your treatments.  Consumption of alcohol before, during and directly after spa treatments is not recommended.