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​​​Whether you desire a deeper relaxing experience, or a more focused treatment to help in aiding chronic pain.  

Our experienced massage therapists will fully customize your treatment to design a massage specific to your needs.  Reach your ultimate level of relaxation, using aromatherapy from our selection of Aveda’s essential oils.

60 min ~ $125

90 min ~ $169

Hot Stone
​​The comfort and warmth of heated Basalt stones and nourishing oils absorb deeply to melt away tension and daily stress, improve circulation and balance chakras.


*Contraindications include pregnancy, nursing, or high blood pressure*


60 min ~ $135

90 min ~ $179

Body & Sole 
(60min massage & 30min foot reflexology)
​​​Definitely a spa favourite!  You will revel in this perfect combination of reflexology and full body massage to encourage a higher state of well being. 

90 min ~ $179

Indian Face Lift

​​​See instant results with this non-invasive approach to looking younger.  


A technique traditionally practised in India, this treatment works primarily by freeing constrictions within the facial muscles and connect tissue.  Pressure 

points, facial muscle tightening/lifting, and lymphatic drainage techniques are 

specifically applied on targeted areas to deliver immediate results! 


A perfect way to achieve freshly revived younger looking skin for those special occasions and events you want to make an impression for.  


60 min ~ $115

*We recommend this treatment 2-3 days

prior to your special event*


(It is not recommended to do this treatment the day before, or day of a special event, to allow your skin and facial muscles to settle for best results)


​​In tradition of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India.  Combine massage and meditation with our Chakra Balancing Aromas to help open and balance all 7 Chakras, the energy centres of the body.  Features massage on the back and spinal muscles and energy balancing for every Chakra, focusing on the one Chakra that is most imbalanced.


60 min ~ $120

Myofacial Cupping

Based on an ancient Chinese practice, small cups are suctioned to the skin and used to massage the affected areas.  This suction creates negative pressure which breaks up and releases fascia adhesion’s.  

*Please be mindful, the cups may cause redness and bruising*

60 min ~ $120

Thai Stem

​​A traditional massage from Thailand since ancient times. A soothing blend of 20 herbs including plai, ginger, tumeric and cumin are wrapped in unbleached cotton that are then soaked, steamed and applied directly on the body to massage.

The healing oils and resins of the herbs are absorbed into the blood stream through the epidermis which react to the body chemistry in a gentle yet effective way to detoxify.


The treatment incorporates the elements of lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, lomi-lomi, and stretching techniques which will increase circulation and help release tension in tight muscles. The Thai Stem Massage is the ultimate experience of deep relaxation and muscle relief.

*The Thai Stem massage consists of stretches that require moderate flexibility, and are not recommended for any guests who are experiencing any form of limited mobility. Any limitations will be taken into consideration, and the treatment may otherwise be adjusted to suit your needs, or an alternative massage may also be recommended during the consultation.  


Contraindications include pregnancy, nursing, high blood pressure, highly sensitive skin, and any areas within 48 hours of hair removal*

90 min – $199

Accompaniment Treatment

Treat yourself to the ultimate “head-to-toe” experience by adding this 30min facial to any body treatment or massage.  You will refresh and revitalize your skin, leaving your entire body feeling renewed and balanced.


 Although shorter in time, our therapists can zone in on helping you address the one facial focus you wish to achieve within your skin.  Includes hot towels, exfoliation, and customized Aveda skin care products for your specific concerns.

30 min – $70

​​A Taste of Bodhi Facial (Add-on)

​​A treatment focused on your feet using the technique of applying pressure to specific reflex points on the bottoms of your feet.  This technique stimulates the body’s own healing powers that will help boost your health and reduce stress.

30 min ~ $70

If you require a receipt for insurance purposes, or have a gender preference for your therapist, please inform the receptionist at the time of booking.  We will always try and accommodate your requests.  However, in the event no preference is made at the time of booking, you will be booked with the first available therapist.

As we are not aware of exact policies in each individual insurance company, Bodhi Tree Spa will not be held liable for any denied claims.